PyFM is a FileMaker® plug-in that allows you to write plug-in functions in Python® programming language.

This is a first version of the plug-in targeted to early adopters, which means that to benefit from it you'll have to program in Python. If you'd rather program solely in FileMaker, please wait for the next version, which will offer traditional ready-to-use functions.

Note that this is a beta version that may not be stable and may even crash FileMaker.


  • Windows 64-bit
    (coming soon)
  • Mac OS X
    (coming soon)
  • Latest PyFM Tools.

Featured example

The Zip function creates a Zip archive from the passed containers or field names; for the latter it automatically collects data from the found set or related table.

Not familiar with FileMaker?

FileMaker is easy-to-use database software; it is probably a single database application that scales from a personal tool made by a non-programmer to a multi-user enterprise app.

Not familiar with Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language used in many fields from scientific research to game development. Python is simple to start with and has a remarkable number of ready-to-use modules nearly for everything. Read more about Python from the official site.